CNOOC Leverages SmartPlant® Foundation for EDIS project

When China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) needed to establish an information management system to support construction and management of new oil fields, it turned to Intergraph® for solutions.


The Challenge

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) needed to establish an information management system that could support the entire project life cycle, which led to the Engineering Digital Information System (EDIS) project to implement a sophisticated structure across all the company's business units. 

This system would be deployed enterprise-wide to support the construction and management of new oil fields.

To create such a robust system, CNOOC had to select a platform from which it could:

  • Establish intelligent information management system to support all business units
  • Comply with local and international regulations
  • Reduce inaccuracies in engineering data to improve safety and minimize risk of shutdowns

The Solution

The company selected Intergraph® SmartPlant® Foundation, recognizing it as the most  advanced and technically superior solutions available in the market. Using SmartPlant Foundation as the basis of EDIS, CNOOC was able to manage the engineering information of its offshore platforms and oil fields. It provided the company with accurate information downstream, promoting effective management optimization of the supply chain which minimized costly shutdown periods. 

Also impacted was CNOOC's achievement and maintenance of local and international regulatory compliance.

"To continue advancing our business, we needed a comprehensive information system that can support our projects across the entire life cycle," said Jin Xiaojian, general manager of the Engineering & Construction department at CNOOC. "SmartPlant Foundation is the leading information management solution in the market, giving us full confidence to develop our EDIS project using SmartPlant Foundation."

SmartPlant Foundation enabled CNOOC to integrate all data, documents, and models that were generated in design, construction, and production stages to be linked to its other systems, such as SAP® and FileNet. With full interoperability, all key stakeholders can access accurate engineering data from a single source.

"SmartPlant Foundation enables us to move away from traditional paper-based data and document management," said Jin. "Based on SmartPlant Foundation, EDIS allows us to manage and access intelligent data easily, while also meeting our strict data specifications and reducing inaccuracies from human error."

A key element of the CNOOC EDIS project is that it supports the needs of the business across the entire project life cycle. With SmartPlant Foundation's data-centric capabilities and single-source-of-information concept, CNOOC is able to leverage intelligent technology for effective management and implementation of engineering changes according to business requirements.

"With an integrated information management system, we can ensure secure access to engineering information of our offshore assets whenever and wherever it is needed," said Jin. "This enables our business units to make critical decisions more quickly and efficiently based on accurate data for significant cost and time savings."

To achieve its long-term strategic goals, CNOOC will continually evolve the EDIS project to ensure that it continues to meet its business requirements and drive growth. The company will further enrich the EDIS database so that it can be used by an even broader group of users for enhanced data sharing across additional facilities. 

"Intergraph has a highly experienced and knowledgeable SmartPlant Foundation team in China to support our EDIS project, making it a great success," Jin said. "We plan to expand the project in the near future to include the rest of our existing offshore platforms."