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With CADWorx® & Analysis Solutions, Hexagon PPM is serving a completely different group within the plant design world. These solutions are aimed for small- and medium-sized engineering companies executing less complex projects, such as revamps, turnarounds, and extensions of existing plants – the so-called brownfield projects. In addition to EPCs, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions help owner operators executing small maintenance-related projects, as well as companies that build package units, skid-mounted installations, or equipment builders such as vessels, pumps, and compressors.

The biggest differentiator between the execution of small projects and large capital projects is that there is usually little time and no budget for training, administration, and maintenance costs. This is a significant factor when choosing and using any enterprise plant design software.

For more 25 years, small- to mid-sized companies have benefited from our powerful yet scalable solutions. If you have work to do on time and under budget, you should be looking at our offerings.

CADWorx® Plant Design Suite is an integrated, complete software series that provides intelligent drawing and database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, and easy-to-use drafting tools. The comprehensive series of design tools include structural steel, equipment, process and instrument diagrams, and design review, plus automatic isometrics and bills of material.

Hexagon PPM Analysis Solutions help improve plant safety and reliability while tightening the entire design process – from pipe stress analysis to automated full vessel and oil tank analysis – to save time and money.


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