Enhanced Interface Improves Engineer Experience

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Download the Automate the Step Going from Functional to Physical Instrument Design webinar.

Maintaining smooth operations over a plant's lifetime requires efficient and intelligent plant engineering from the beginning. Hexagon PPM's comprehensive plant engineering solutions have been developed for today’s 24/7 global engineering work share environment.

In this recorded webinar, we explain and show the interface between SmartPlant P&ID, where the control function is defined, and SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI), where the components to perform these functions, are created.

The macro expansion enables automation of the interface and expansion to go from a functional design on the P&ID to the physical instrument design with the connections in SPI. In the current SPI version, we have enhanced this interface and expansion’s capability.

The retrieval feature in SPI has been enhanced for the engineer to view and analyze the data efficiently, review the instrument in its context, know which items will be created with the retrieval, and have complete control on the new instrument. All of this is capable through the enhanced To-Do list interface.

Please join this webinar and learn how to improve design efficiency with this interface.


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