HxGN LIVE: Information Management, Project Controls and Construction Capabilities

Magic, HxGN Live

Hexagon PPM’s final two keynotes of HxGN LIVE 2017 in Las Vegas were presented today, providing insight into the future of its information management, construction and project controls technology.

The Rise of Construction 4.0
PPM Senior Vice President Michael Buss surprised the crowd by showing up on the stage in a top hat and cape, looking like a magician who might have wandered into the wrong room in The Venetian Sands Convention Center. He read the mind of his co-presenter, Vice President Mark White with PPM’s EcoSys, when he correctly told him that the number he’d picked in his mind was “four.” And four – or more specifically, 4.0 – was key to the conversation.

The idea of “Construction 4.0” embodies the newest technologies for the planning and execution of construction projects, such as drones and laser scanning for site review, robots for automation, predictive intelligence, and project controls for the ultimate project management.

With 98 percent of megaprojects experiencing overruns and delays, the pair shared how the integration of EcoSys and Intergraph Smart Construction could help deliver those projects on time and on budget. 

Changing the Game with Web-Based Project Collaboration
PPM Vice President Brad Broughton teamed up with consultant Mike Montgomery for a look at how project collaboration is achieving more with the new web-based information management suite Intergraph Smart Digital Asset. SDA’s first complete module, Collaboration, will allow two or more organizations working together on projects to have clear, concise communication with managed, repeatable processes.

There are predictions that these capabilities will help save up to $70 million on a $1 billion project by reducing travel, rework and changes.

Joining their presentation was Grace Olukune with Eskom, who said her company will use the “connector” capability of SDA, allowing the disparate systems to communicate with one another. She said auditability and transparency will bring great benefit.

With integration comes alignment, she said, creating a closed loop “which is a good thing.”


Sessions will continue tomorrow, and HxGN LIVE will officially close at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Click here to watch live streaming or recordings of keynotes and other events.