Introducing Intergraph Smart Digital Asset

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This year marks the 20th year since lntergraph launched a new era in information management with the process industry's first standards compliant data repository. 

A lot changes in 20 years, especially in the software business. Intergraph’s information management software has continually adapted to address technology advancements, evolving standards, changing business climates, and the fluctuating expectations from each new generation of users. In the software business, a company must evolve or go extinct.

At HxGN LIVE 2016, we announced what would be our next step in our evolution: Intergraph Smart Digital Asset (SDA), our new information management portfolio. SDA is based on the Capital Facilities Handover Specification (CFIHOS) standard and will simplify the user experience, streamline our products, and provide common core platform. 

The SDA product suite is more than a simple rebranding of SmartPlant Foundation (SPF) and SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO). The SDA vision requires a broad range of new capabilities, stronger security, simpler implementation, and faster performance. 

As a result, we will be making significant improvements to SPF, the underlying engine, meaning that our customers who are already using SPF and SPF-based products such as SPO will benefit from many of the new improvements. We will provide an approach for these customers to move to SDA if they desire, but will not be requiring any customers to upgrade; they can continue with uninterrupted use of what they are currently using.

SDA is a portfolio that encompasses the major business processes for managing information throughout the life cycle.  

Included are five modules: SDA Collaboration; SDA Requirements; SDA Construction; SDA Completions & Commissioning; and SDA Operations & Maintenance. Also included is SDA Connectors, which are web based interfaces to third-party applications such as SAP. The modules and connectors access the common core data in Smart Digital Asset and leverage the core capabilities that are also delivered in SDA, such as data validation, electronic uploading, workflow engine, web client, tag and document management and much more.

SDA modules will be “cloud ready” for implementation on SmartPlant Cloud. On-premise deployment options will also be available. Deployment will be far quicker with out-of-the-box “fit-for-purpose” user experience and roles to streamline work.

Ready for more? Look for our next SDA update! We’ll talk about our first module, SDA Collaboration.  


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