Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Optimizes with Intergraph Smart Construction

Case Study, Smart Construction, Doosan Heavy Industries

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (DHIC) is a leading Korean EPC contractor, operating primarily in the power industry. In managing a recent construction project, DHIC saw the need to improve information management, in particular the millions of details and numerous complex variables it handles, including construction materials.

In short, a work package planning solution was required that would allow DHIC to check the construction status of projects using current information from various sources including 3D models and animate the works with detailed schedules.

As a long-term Intergraph customer, DHIC selected Intergraph Smart Construction, a dynamic work package planning solution, to enhance productivity during construction.

To discover more about the various benefits DHIC experienced during this project as a result of deploying Smart Construction, view the full case study here.