How L&T Valdel Reduced Man-hours on Offshore Loading Facility

Case Study, L&T Valdel

When L&T- Valdel (LTV) was awarded a subcontract to design internal turrets for two offshore FPSO facilities in India, engineers knew the project required analyzing 150 load cases per piping system. 

These complexities would add time constraints for engineers and required optimizing of processes wherever possible. Facing these challenges, LTV chose Intergraph CAESAR II.

“CAESAR II easily handled the large amount of displacements input, saving us significant time,” explained Vikas Shivalingaiah, technologist at LTV. “We saved more man-hours by using CAESAR II output to quickly identify mismatches between the stress results and pipe model, which enabled faster updates.”

CAESAR II’s compatibility with other pipe modeling software enabled easy interfacing between teams.

LTV saw 80 percent of man-hours saved on slug force calculations alone compared to manual methods. Productivity for the overall project improved significantly.

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