Beauty of Engineering at HxGN LIVE

AF Consulting Golden Valve Awards Win

GetSmart Blog had a chat with Mr. Tapio Laakso, 3D System Manager from ÅF-Consult Ltd. about his award-winning work for the 2016 Golden Valve competition and his thoughts about the HxGN LIVE experience.

Hello, Tapio! Could you tell us about your 2016 Golden Valve submission?
TL: The image depicts a view from the inside of a reactor building, looking down to the reactor and all the systems around it. The colors of the lights I have used display the four redundancy principles. After the construction is finished, the power generation of this unit will be 1350 MW.

The picture shows only equipment and pipes inside the reactor building. All other disciplines were turned off.

Is the picture part of a project you are currently working on?
TL: Yes, the reactor building is part of Angra 3 Power Plant, located in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, near Angra dos Reis. It is part of the Central Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto complex administrated by Electronuclear, the government’s nuclear company. The plant is still under construction.

The electromechanical part of the project is under the responsibility of ÅF in Finland. The ÅF offices in Brazil and Finland work together in close cooperation to assure a successful outcome of the project.

Why did you choose to submit this picture?
TL: I wanted to show the beauty of engineering work, including all the necessary details.

Would you like to share any thoughts about the HxGN LIVE user conference?
TL: For me, the most valuable part of HxGN LIVE is the diversity of the event: keynotes, breakout sessions, training sessions, case studies, hands-on demonstrations, technology expo … In addition, visiting the conference provides you with a unique opportunity to expand one’s professional network with other attendees.

Registration for the HxGN LIVE 2017 is now open. You can also visit the Golden Valve website to submit your entry.

Tapio Laakso AF Consulting
Tapio Laakso
3D System Manager
ÅF-Consult Ltd

ÅF has more than 9,000 employees, and its net sales in 2016 were EUR1.17 billion. ÅF has offices in more than 20 countries across the globe, from Brazil to Vietnam. In 2016 ÅF performed projects in more than 100 countries worldwide.