Cepsa Creates Intelligent Engineering Designs with PP&M

Cepsa (Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U.), one of the leading Spanish energy companies, has expanded the use of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine solutions to enhance overall engineering design integrity and quality. The newly implemented solutions include Intergraph Smart 3D, Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID and Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical, as well as analysis tools PV Elite, CAESAR II, and Intergraph TANK.

Cepsa chose to increase the use of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine solutions primarily because of the ability to leverage real-time concurrent design, ensuring integrity and accurateness of engineering design throughout the engineering workflow. In addition, the interoperability between analysis and design solutions helps Cepsa to drive efficiency and minimize errors between different project steps. 

With over 85 years of experience in energy markets, Cepsa is Spain’s fourth-largest industrial group in terms of revenue. With the implementation of a full suite of Intergraph solutions, Cepsa aims to further improve industrial plant design productivity as well as information flow between design and analysis solutions.

Commenting on the decision to expand the use of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine to improve information management workflows, Patricia Chacon Sangines, Cepsa’s piping department lead, said, “We are very pleased to see how successful our first implementation of Intergraph PP&M’s intelligent design solutions have been. The Intergraph PP&M solutions have allowed us to make a qualitative leap that has lead us to the forefront of industrial plant design.”

PP&M President Mattias Stenberg said, “We are proud to see how Cepsa has improved work processes and gained a competitive advantage with the use of Intergraph PP&M solutions.”

About Cepsa

Cepsa is an energy group fully owned by the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) that employs more than 10,000 people and operates at every stage of the hydrocarbon value chain: exploration and production of oil and gas, refining, distribution and marketing of crude oil and natural gas derivatives, biofuels, co-generation and electricity sales.