Fluor Leverages Big Data with SmartPlant Cloud

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Intergraph’s SmartPlant Cloud is leading the way in delivering a global collaborative environment that ensures data can be accessed regardless of end user location, optimizing work processes and joint venture initiatives. 

Watch this webinar intro video to discover how Fluor utilizes SmartPlant Cloud to connect assets and leverage big data to make better business decisions and achieve improved productivity in large-scale, complex, joint venture projects.

In the webinar, Intergraph's Kevin Holmes provides a background on how SmartPlant Cloud allows PP&M software solutions to be accessible on any device. Fluor's Peter Paul Pruijn - a joint venture information manager - shares how his company employed SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Electrical via SmartPlant Cloud and how having information within reach to all parties lays a solid foundation for project success. 

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