Intergraph Information Management Consolidates LinkedIn TUF Groups

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As we announced at HxGN LIVE 2016, Intergraph’s Information Management team is in the process of consolidating our portfolio of products to simplify your user experience.  

As part of this undertaking, our LinkedIn Technical User Forums (TUF)  will be combining the SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) group with the SmartPlant Foundation (SPF) group for improved collaboration and learning among these user bases. The current SPO group will become inactive, and the SPF group will change names to become Intergraph Information Management.

This new forum will also include announcements and discussions about other Intergraph Information Management products, including SmartPlant Fusion and Intergraph Smart Data Validator.

Later this year, we will include updates about the release of Intergraph Smart Collaboration, the first module from the new Intergraph Smart Digital Asset (SDA) family of Information Management products. 

If you haven't already, join the SPF TUF group, soon to be renamed the Intergraph Information Management TUF group.