Taking a Closer Look at HxGN SMART Build

HxGN SMART Build 2016

Guest blog by Mirko Stock, COO, Hexagon Ventures

In every construction project, there are myriad challenges to overcome. At each phase, you are confronted with issues that can potentially put your project at risk of going over time and over budget.

Unfortunately, many tools that are available have proven to be inadequate in managing the complex group of tasks you face every day – that is why Hexagon created SMART Build.  

SMART Build is a simple, yet powerful, platform that helps construction companies tackle some of the biggest problems in the construction industry including diminished productivity, breakdown of office-to-field communications and lack of project transparency. Any of these issues have the potential to derail your project. SMART Build was designed to resolve those problems and help deliver your project on-time and on budget by clarifying, connecting and simplifying the construction management process.

So what makes SMART Build different from other software solutions on the market? Let’s pull back the curtain and see what makes SMART Build unique:

Leveraging SMART
Hexagon has decades of experience in executing some of the most complex industrial projects in the world. By combining our knowledge of how these industries work with our leading-edge information management technologies, we designed SMART Build to address key challenges the construction industry is facing.  

Designing SMART
SMART Build was designed to assist every person on your project. From the general contractor to the plumber, everyone has access to the information that is relevant to their role. No longer are people working in isolation; instead everybody is working with the same integrated, high-quality, and consistent set of information.  

Delivering SMART
SMART Build is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution. Therefore, everyone on your project has access to the information they need when they need it. Our powerful browser-based interface connects all relevant project information – including CAD drawings, 3D models, specifications, schedules, materials, workflows, and instructions – to the thousands of people your project employs and the millions of tasks you manage.

Operating SMART
Because we built SMART Build for everyone involved in the project, we had to create a simple, intuitive solution that requires minimal training. Hexagon put enormous effort and focus on designing the user interface and experience, so instead of disrupting, SMART Build simplifies work. Our goal is to provide a solution that benefits everyone on your team and people actually enjoy using.

Pioneering a platform that will improve your profit margins and drive completion of projects safely, on time and on budget – now that’s shaping smart change. 

Want to learn more? Listen to Mirko Stock, chief operation officer for Hexagon Ventures, discuss the benefits of SMART Build in this HxGN Radio podcast.  

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Mirko Stock is the chief operation officer for Hexagon Ventures.

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