What You Need to Know About Intergraph Smart Enterprise Portal 2017

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Available for download here.

Intergraph Smart Enterprise Portal is the solution to help data seekers find what they need, from one easy-to-use interface that requires minimal configuration and training.

Join us to learn more about the upcoming Smart Enterprise Portal 2017 release and how it can bring simplicity to your complex data ecosystem! In this free 30-minute GetSmart! Webinar plus 15-minute Q&A, we’ll discuss: 

  • How users can quickly access the data they need, starting with just what they know
  • Effective 2017 features that will enable a great end user and admin experience
  • Exciting features to improve integration with additional Intergraph® products coming in our next releases

To find out more about Smart Enterprise Portal and this webinar, visit the webinar registration page.

We are offering two complimentary 30-minute (& 15-minute Q&A) webinars:

First Session Thursday, Dec. 15

9 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST); 

4 p.m. Central European Time (CET);

Second Session Thursday, Dec. 15

7 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST);  2 a.m. (Friday December 16) Central European Time (CET)