Increase Productivity, Design Quality with SPI, Intergraph Smart 3D


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We've got a how-to for increasing your productivity and design quality with SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) and Intergraph Smart 3D.

Improvements in design efficiency and quality are achieved by defining the data once and transferring it through the design process with as little human intervention as possible. Using the data from the source of its creation  such as dimension data for control valves  ensures the data is accurate and current. Such seamless transfer of data between various engineering departments, supply chain, and design tools is achieved through data integration.

SPI and Smart 3D provide such integration to exchange instrument design data between the schematic and 3D design realms. Intergraph has created a new set of generic DDP (Dimensional Data for Piping) templates to facilitate this integration. The new DDPs and symbols parameterize non-dimensional choices such as operator selection and positioning and were created in close cooperation with the vendors. These generic DDPs reduce the number of such DDPs required in the overall design process and make it much simpler and more efficient.

Download this recorded webinar for more information on these new SPI DDPs and corresponding Smart 3D symbols. Learn how you can use them on your projects for greater efficiency.