What's New in 2016 Intergraph Smart SDB for Hangers & Support?

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Download webinar here. 

Intergraph is releasing Intergraph Smart™ Standard Database (SDB) for Hangers & Supports 2016 this quarter, and we have a webinar that describes the product with particular emphasis on its new content .

In version 2016, the SDB for Hangers and Supports catalog has grown to include 44 different support types along with 470 sample supports, up from 29 types in 2014R1 with 300 samples. This catalog is designed to cover more than 80 percent of most customers’ standard support specifications in both on-shore and offshore types of industries. (The 2016 version is available for Intergraph Smart 3D version 2014R1 and 2016.)

This product is a must-have for all customers of Intergraph Smart 3D, both new and existing.

While its name might suggest otherwise, SmartPlant Reference Data and the SDB are NOT prerequisites for this product.

Download this webinar to learn more about this product from the Hangers and Supports team.