Clearing Clutter: What's New in SmartPlant Master Tag Registry

exterior plant, night image of plant

Projects include hundreds of thousands of tags, on thousands of documents, contained in hundreds of applications, databases, and spreadsheets. The data must be accurate both to execute the project successfully and for safe, effective operations. Tag data must be checked, organized, and formatted in preparation for delivery to the owner. Data integrity assurance including up-to-date information is the key for quality asset information, which is vital to the safe and efficient operation of facilities.

Intergraph SmartPlant Master Tag Registry (MTR) is a SmartPlant Foundation module for tag management and tag register production, focused on improving collaboration across the project value chain and ensuring tag registers are validated and easier to produce for handover. With MTR, handover information is automatically collected and organized as it is created and made available for various work processes during a project.

Featuring user-requested enhancements and innovative capabilities, MTR 2016 is now available. Register for this free 30-minute webinar plus 15-minute Q&A to learn about:

  • Customer case study – Engineering Data Warehouse Implementation Using MTR
  • Consolidation and roll-up of line list and MTR line list records in Consolidated Data Warehouse (CDW)
  • Background publish
  • Performance improvements using Excel Import, snapshot creation, and generating registers

To find out more about SmarPlant Master Tag Registry and this webinar, visit the webinar registration page.

We are offering two complimentary 30-minute (& a 15-minute Q&A) webinars:

First Session Thursday, Dec. 1

7 a.m. Central European Time (CET)

5 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+10)

Second Session Thursday, Dec. 1

4 p.m. Central European Time (CET)

9 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST)