Petrobras: Optimizing Quality and Maintenance with SmartPlant Solutions

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Petrobras is a Brazilian state-owned oil and gas company that operates as an integrated energy company in the sectors of exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, petrochemicals, oil distribution, natural gas, electricity, chemical gas, and biofuels.

The Termoceará plant - one of the company’s thermal generators located in the northeast of Brazil - is capable of generating 220 MW of power for the National Interconnected System. Petrobras has been using SmartPlant Foundation as its electronic document management system (EDMS) for a number of years with more than two million documents in its database, related to more than one million tags for exploration and production, gas and energy, and transportation.

Petrobras is also utilizing SmartPlant Enterprise for Owners Operators, Intergraph Smart 3D and other Intergraph PP&M solutions to create success.

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