From World Coal: Moving Mountains Of Data

World Coal 2016, Moving Mountains of Data, Article, David Canady

David Canady, vice president of mining and power business at Intergraph PP&M, details the importance of having the capability to consolidate, organize, visualize and control the extensive amount of information involved in successful mining operations.

"Managing change to assets is one of the most important issues; improper management of change has been the cause of serious and sometimes deadly accidents at mining facilities," Canady wrote in the story that appeared in the September 2016 edition of World Coal.

"For example, there are numerous cases of severe accidents occurring at processing plants where changes were made to the plant without approval by qualified personnel and where safety standards or proper engineering practices were ignored, resulting in injuries or even death."

Canady shared the success seen by Minera Luminary Copper Chile when it deployed an electronic asset management system, Intergraph's SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators.

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