Technip Video Displays Value of Intergraph Smart 3D

Technip, Intergraph Smart 3D, Video

A world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, Technip is the lead contractor for utilities on a major refinery and petrochemical project in South East Asia. Using Intergraph Smart 3D, the company has realized significant benefits including time savings, design integration and consistency as well as process optimization.

According to Alain Davadant, Technip Project Director, “It’s very important for us to be on time, to have a good quality product and correct design, to build and construct as per the schedule, and to be on time for other contractors. So far Intergraph (Smart) 3D is a great success. The first benefit is a time saving as we have avoided the doubling up of tasks with the designers. Second, it is helping us achieve integration and consistency between all contractors. And the third point is we are extracting the quantities directly from the 3D model.”

G.H. Lee, Technip Senior Civil Engineer believes Smart 3D is enabling the company to quickly filter, analyze and organize a huge amount of complex design data into an understandably richer presentation. He says, “As a win-win solution, Technip will improve its engineering capacity through using Intergraph 3D software.”

Thomas Kerjouan, Technip Lead Engineering Systems, says they are improving the customer experience. “This is something the client can rely on, so they can be sure that what is in the 3D model is what is onsite.”

Watch the testimonial video now.