How to Deliver Successful Capital Projects with Improved Budgeting, Forecasting & Project Performance Monitoring

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The world of large-scale construction projects is filled with rather severe examples of what happens when efficient project control tools are not in place. From the Berlin Brandenburg Airport to the Channel Tunnel, and the Finnish TVO Nuclear Power Plant, many major projects have ended up more than 200 percent over their original budget. It can be difficult to point out exactly when the project schedule starts to drag behind, or when unexpected changes become severe enough to affect the complete project budget. 

Unless, of course, you have a modern and effective project control software in place.

Integrated approach to project controls

There are different approaches to project controls, varying from Excel sheets and ERP-based systems to commercial project control software. While the different approaches all have their pros and cons, a targeted software solution has many benefits over its manual counterparts: enabling better control throughout the complete project life cycle, real-time feedback on project performance, and improved accountability.

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Maurizio Granata is business development executive EMIA for Materials, Costs, & Execution Management Solutions at Intergraph PP&M.