Improving Capital Performance with EcoSys EPC

EcoSys EPC

When unforeseen and unavoidable problems occur - such as scope changes, lower-than-expected productivity, weather, economics or even politics - project controls can minimize the damage and steer projects back on course.

In the realm of dedicated enterprise project controls software, EcoSys EPC stands ahead of the competition as the only one that combines tools for capital planning, portfolio, management, budgeting, forecasting and change management. It also has built-in automated reporting and analytics and Excel-like ease of use. 

That's so important, especially when a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers of 47 megaprojects uncovered an average cost overrun of 88 percent. How much could have been saved if these projects had utilized EcoSys EPC?

Read the story in Initiatives magazine that highlights how a major petroleum refining company engaged EcoSys to address its challenges in visibility, efficiency, and productivity.