Easing the Pain Point with SmartPlant Fusion

Ease Pain Point Graphic

The handover of information and documentation at key milestones during and at the end of both greenfield and brownfield projects is a well-known and acknowledged pain point for the entire project value chain.

High quality information handover is a prerequisite for safe, efficient operations and regulatory compliance but is typically a resource heavy, complex task undertaken under extreme time pressure.

This is why Intergraph customers count on SmartPlant Fusion, the automated engineering solution that helps reduce document search and validation time, extract intelligence from unstructured data from contractors, and discover inconsistencies during project execution.

Go to our Insight magazine story and graphic that explain how how Fusion can enable EPCs to create a virtual asset for owner operators that is structured, intelligent, complete, and consistent.

For more information about how Intergraph can provide solutions to assist in your next handover, please email your questions to sascha.antvogel@intergraph.com.