Partnering to improve efficiency: Linde AG & Intergraph PP&M


Great ideas often take some time to find their perfect form. Since 2009, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine has collaborated with Linde AG, a world-leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases, to improve, test, and further develop Intergraph’s leading 3D solution, Intergraph Smart 3D.

Verena Schmidt, piping engineer at Linde AG discusses Linde’s experiences about their partnership with Intergraph PP&M.

Design one, build many

One of the key goals for Linde has been to increase the level of standardization of the existing software to move towards the “design one, build many” approach. When we first started with Intergraph Smart 3D, we quickly noticed that the software had both great potential and some room for improvement. We realized that a step further was needed, and we decided to collaborate together with Intergraph to discuss and brainstorm how the software could perform better in large-scale EPC projects.

There were two main goals for the collaboration: project-oriented to ensure that project schedules could be met better and cost-focused to improve efficiency and lower the engineering costs. First, we focused to streamline the software to improve performance and ensure smooth workflows. The next step was to sit down together and discuss the exact needs that a larger EPC project has to ensure efficiency.

The partnership proved to be fruitful over the years. We quickly realized that working in a test environment can be quite different from executing real life projects. I believe that especially in the beginning, it was very useful for Intergraph to visit our engineering offices and sit down with our engineers. This way we could discuss the real-life performance of the software and look for possibilities for improvement.

New Smart 3D 2016

We have continued our cooperation with Intergraph by testing the beta version of Smart 3D 2016, which is expected for release later in 2016. The thing with beta versions is that you need to do a lot of testing, and of course, not everything works exactly as expected in the beginning. Nevertheless, it is rewarding to see how the ideas we had two years ago are now live in the new software.

Linde’s future vision is to have Smart 3D as the central information source for all engineers in other disciplines, and to integrate Smart 3D with the upfront disciplines, such as P&IDs. This information would then be used for virtual planning of construction work packages. With Smart 3D 2016, we expect further cost savings enabled by the improved model data reuse functionality and ability to cut down man-hours.

Overall, I would say that working with Intergraph has enabled us to get exactly the functionality that we need in the software. At the same time, working with Linde has given Intergraph a unique opportunity to test the solution in a real-life environment. I believe this productive partnership will continue to help both of the companies to succeed even further in the future.

For more information, you can read the 2016 Intergraph Smart 3D preview press release, visit the Intergraph Smart 3D webpage or Linde AG website for more information.

About the Author

Verena Schmidth, Linde AG
Verena Schmidt
Piping Design Engineer at Linde AG