Latest News from the North Sea: Intergraph Process Power Marine Competing for the ONS 2016 Innovation Awards

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Last week ONS announced the candidates for the ONS Innovation Awards – this year three Intergraph solutions were nominated to compete: SmartPlant Fusion, Smart Yard, and Smart Materials Mobile Scan. GetSmart! Blog had a chat with Jens Olav Nordanger, Sales Manager Intergraph Norway about the ONS Award competition and the latest developments in the Norwegian Continental Self.

GetSmart! Blog: Hi Jens Olav! What are your thoughts about competing for the ONS Innovation Awards?
Jens Olav:
“It will be a tough competition, for sure. Many key players are nominated, such us our local partner Visco. I believe that the solutions we have competing for the Awards display perfectly the wide array of engineering software solutions we are providing to the market. We continue to grow and develop our portfolio so that we can provide our clients with the better engineering solutions - just last week we announced the acquisition of NESTIX Oy from Finland. The NESTIX solutions are currently included in Smart Yard, providing our clients with a complete shop floor solution for all pipe and steel part production management. I am looking forward to see how Smart Yard will do in the Innovation Awards!”

How has the year been so far for the North Sea oil & gas industry?

JO: “As we all know, these have been challenging times for the North Sea oil and gas industry. As oil prices continue to fluctuate, new projects remain on hold and the focus has shifted to securing efficiencies in existing assets. There has been news that oil & gas companies are slashing their investments by more than 13% this year…but despite this, we see new opportunities coming up as well."

"As one of the ways to answer to competition and improve margins, we can see that owner operators in our industries are currently looking for ways to extend the life cycle of their existing facilities, and get the most value from these facilities while they are operational. We can of course help our customers to achieve this by providing them better operations and maintenance solutions."

How do you see the outlook for North Sea in the near future?

“There is no quick fix to secure the long-term future for North Sea, yet there is still a lot of potential in the region in the future. Relevantly, the official theme of ONS 2016 is Transition - the whole conference focuses on how to take action today to shape the world of energy tomorrow. With the use of right technology, I believe the operators in the North Sea can overcome the challenges, decrease their operational costs and improve efficiency. As one of our customers put it:“Intergraph will do well these days as you can provide great solutions to increase efficiency and reduce operational cost.”

You can come to meet Jens Olav and the rest of the Intergraph PP&M Norway team during ONS 2016 in Stavanger, Norway. Intergraph, together with the local partners Visco and eVision, is arranging a Cocktail Gathering on Tuesday 30th of August at Backstage Bar between 19:00-21:00 hrs. You can register for the Cocktail Gathering here.

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Jens Olav Nordanger, Sales Manager Intergraph PP&M Norway

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