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Through a series of upwardly trending graphs, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine President Gerhard Sallinger showed that the company has seen annual growth of 15 percent during the last ten years, and that growth is expected to continue.

At the HxGN LIVE user conference in Anaheim, Sallinger said that the engineering software company’s progress is due in part to well-funded research projects and also to an intelligent acquisition strategy. For 2015, Intergraph’s product portfolio was larger than ever, as was its number of software releases, employees, and R&D budget.

And he said Tuesday morning at the PP&M keynote address that he has committed to parent company Hexagon’s leadership that he will usher in “significant” additional growth in the next five to six years.

But for all of the future-looking development, Sallinger told the more than 500 PP&M customers in the audience that Intergraph will also maintain strong support of its legacy products because the company’s greatest advantage is its relationship with its customers. He said Intergraph will “never, ever let a customer down,” and he wants these partnerships to continue to be “fun” along the way.

On Monday at HxGN LIVE, it was announced that Intergraph had acquired NESTIX, a company from Finland that is a world leader in fabrication, steel production, and pipe and welding management. Its customer base is rooted in shipbuilding, offshore platforms and other manufacturing.

“It further strengthens our portfolio of solutions from A to Z,” Sallinger said, which will improve Intergraph’s offerings to current customers.

Contributing to Intergraph’s current growth and optimism is the October 2015 acquisition of EcoSys, which Sallinger called “a great piece of software.” The untapped European and Asian market for the Denver-based project controls software creates great potential for further growth.

Guest speaker Johan Krebbers – IT CTO & VP TaCIT Architecture with Shell International – shared how his company is prospering with the cloud and mobile solutions offered by Intergraph.

He encouraged the audience to increase investing in the cloud, where updates are made every few weeks, versus on-premise hardware updates of once or twice a year. And Krebbers said they should “make the move to mobile” with their technology and to become more digitally driven.

“Move from documents to data,” he said, noting Intergraph’s superiority in that realm. “And don’t store data for the sake of storing data… and be awake. The whole world of IT is in flux.”

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