Optimizing Yard Processes at Offshore Arabia 2016

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Fabrication yards across the globe struggle with the growing demand to improve efficiency and lower operational costs. Over the years, it has become clear that the majority of shipyards and offshore fabrication yards have developed a magnitude of different processes and software solutions in order to plan, manage, and execute their projects. These standalone solutions often result in excessive use of man-hours, poor quality, rework, material waste, and project delays. 

How can fabrication yards overcome these challenges and improve efficiency?

Holistic approach to fabrication processes

Until recently, a complete solution that covers the entire design and fabrication process has not been available in the market. Yet it has become clear that any fabrication process in a multi-disciplinary environment needs a holistic approach to improve efficiency and maximize throughput. This is exactly what my presentation at Offshore Arabia 2016, taking place in Dubai 17-18 May 2016 will highlight. 

The presentation will cover the topic “Enabling Efficient Fabrication Processes for Shipyards and Offshore Fabrication Yards” and will explore how the yards can support the entire fabrication process in a controlled and integrated manner, become more productive, and deliver on time and budget.

During my presentation, I will also feature Intergraph Smart Yard, a unique solution that provides a set of integrated systems aimed to answer the challenges of multiple software solutions that optimize the yard processes. 

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Guest Author

Arne Monsholm, vice president of business development, Intergraph PP&M

Arne Monsholm
Vice president business development at Intergraph Process, Power & Marine
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