Announcing the release of SmartPlant Instrumentation 2016

Exterior of plant with instrumentation, valves, industrial

This new SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) builds upon the industry-leading instrument engineering solution’s technology with exciting new features such as the Query Builder and the Engineering Data Editor, providing Intergraph customers with a competitive advantage by delivering an innovation-packed solution to help improve their businesses.

SPI 2016 delivers an interactive solution that is easy to understand for engineers and designers using the software, making it efficient without the confusion of too many options or complicated IT jargon. SPI 2016 also harmonizes the user experience across the different Engineering Design Tools solutions, resulting in higher productivity and higher-quality designs.

Major enhancements in SPI 2016 include:

  • The Query Builder, which has a unique capability that allows an engineer or designer to find data in context using the relationships in SmartPlant solutions’ engineering language rather than having to know database queries.
  • The Engineering Data Editor (EDE) enables quick data entry, modification, auto-filtering, comparison and much more. This key element lets users customize the environment to suit a particular task.
  • The Project Management (known as Project As-Built in previous SPI versions) functionality lets an engineer scope projects in projects and merge them in a controlled manner. This works for both owner operators during plant updates/expansions and for EPCs when working with sub-contractors doing part of a project.
  • The To-Do List facilitates engineers to make better decisions with the way they share data with other disciplines and have access to graphic depictions of the tasks to be shared.

View the new SmartPlant Instrumentation 2016 video to learn more.

SmartPlant Instrumentation 2016 is available now and will be featured at the HxGN LIVE conference with workshops and breakouts sessions led by Intergraph product experts and users from Bapco, Emerson and Fluor. Learn more about the SPI sessions at HxGN LIVE.

Intergraph Technical User Forum (TUF) LinkedIn groups provide an online discussion forum for year-round networking between users. To learn more about SmartPlant Instrumentation and network with other Intergraph users, visit the TUF page and join one that interests you.