The 3xE Era: A proposed paradigm shift for doing business in the global energy industry

The 3xE Era: The future of doing business in the energy industry

(Guest blog by Franz Kufner)

Those of us who are prepared to play the long game know that we are at an important turning point in terms of how we do business in the future. Clearly, practices and methodologies that were sufficient a few years ago – when the price of oil was high and the money was rolling in – are no longer cutting it.

I see a paradigm shift on the horizon that will affect the way we all do business together, no matter what role you play in the industry – owner, EPC, shipbuilder, fabricator or solution provider.

What I would like to propose for discussion, and what we here at Intergraph are working towards in the Asia-Pacific region, is something called the 3xE Model. I believe this is a model that will help us to move towards a working environment where the primary concern is outcomes and end results.

I recently published on article on LinkedIn, which outlines this model and opens the floor for further discussion. I would be delighted to continue the conversation with you there, so please join me on LinkedIn.

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Franz Kufner, Executive Vice President, Intergraph PP&M, APAC

Franz Kufner
Executive Vice President, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, Asia-Pacific