Download the GetSmart! Webinar: Making Decisions Based on Consistent Data with SmartPlant P&ID

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Why Base your decisions on inconsistent data?

That is a good question. Engineers and designers make decisions every day based on information from upstream disciplines, vendor information, project standards etc. One key source of information for many is the P&ID.

Download this webinar to learn about a few key capabilities in SmartPlant P&ID that enable you to provide a solid source of engineering data, allowing downstream disciplines to make the right decisions. We will put to rest the idea that it takes longer to create P&IDs in SmartPlant P&ID than it does in CAD products.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Data creation and management
  • Creation P&IDs
  • Usage of “smartness” in graphical filtering to support checking and commissioning

Guest Author

Frank Joop, Executive Director, Global BD

Frank Joop
Executive Director, Global BD