Smart 3D customization to cut costs for Hyundai Engineering

Hyundai Engineering and Intergraph staff at the project completion meeting in Huntsville

Today’s EPCs are focused on selecting the right 3D design tool for a project – one that is not only suited to the specifics of the client and the job, but will also help to cut time and costs wherever possible.

However, here at Intergraph we believe that tool selection is only the first (albeit a very important) step on the road to project success. We encourage our customers to work with us to further customize our software and solutions so that they are uniquely tailored to meet individual business requirements. 

Hyundai Engineering provides a great example of the value of customization services. This Korean EPC has used Intergraph software for over 20 years and adopted Smart 3D in 2008. However when it came to verifying the quality of design work produced by sub-contractors and junior engineers, it was determined that too many work hours were still being spent on repetitive tasks.

We recently concluded a year-long collaborative project with Hyundai Engineering to develop Intelligent Design Basis Verification, a customization for Smart 3D that automates the process of verifying and confirming engineering design work. As a result, the company expects to reduce work hours and costs in the project design phase by 20 percent or more.

Intelligent Design Basis Verification will be put to the test for the first time this month on a US$2 billion petrochemical plant in Turkmenistan.

You can find out more about this project by reading the official press release.