How to Improve Project and Plant Performance with SPO Mobile Apps

SPO Cycle

Many activities undertaken during the facility lifecycle are undertaken at remote locations or on the plant floor where on-line access to engineering data and documentation is not feasible. These situations can include inspections of equipment at vendor premises, workovers and subsea interventions from supply vessels, maintenance of equipment at remote pumping stations or transformers, day-to-day operations, maintenance and inspection tasks on the plant floor and many more.

The traditional solution is to provide workers with hardcopy documentation, but this is cumbersome, costly, and hard to access information in the context of work performed. There is also the danger that workers will keep hardcopy documentation locally and then reuse documentation that is no longer current. Markups and notes made on hardcopies in the field are often done in less than ideal conditions with wind and rain. These then need to be transcribed back in the office leading to delays and errors.

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) mobile solutions provide fast and easy access to information in the field. Selected information relevant for a task is downloaded into a “briefcase” on a tablet PC. The briefcase can include tag lists, document lists, 3D models, intelligent hot-spotted P&IDs, TruView laser scans, etc.

All navigation capabilities between tags on drawings, models and laser scans that are available when using SPO online are also available for data within the offline briefcase.

Data can also be captured in the field including electronic redlines, notes, photos/videos/audio and check sheets. This data can be uploaded back to SPO with a single click as soon as network connectivity is available.

SPO mobile solutions save the cost and time of copying hardcopy documentation, provides field workers with fast simple access to information and eliminates delays and errors in transcribing information.

For more information please download the solution sheet here.

We will be extending our mobile app coverage in the coming year. Are there specific field tasks where you would like coverage in our solutions? Please let us know using the Contact Us form.

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