The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test

Find out how Intergraph tools perform in the cloud

(Guest blog by Kevin Holmes)

Earlier this year, one of Intergraph’s owner operator customers – a multinational oil and gas company – approached the SmartPlant Cloud service with a request to establish the viability of SmartPlant Cloud for use on a US$10 billion global energy project.

Aside from the size of the project, further complexity was added by the fact that the front-end engineering design (FEED) work was awarded to a joint-venture of contractors headquartered across Asia-Pacific, India, and Europe. Each member of this consortium had its own existing platforms and processes, so we Intergraph knew that this scenario would represent a significant “stress test” for SmartPlant Cloud.

The main questions that both the project owner and the FEED contractor wanted to answer were:

  • Is it capable – can it handle the load?
  • Is it scalable – how will it perform with one user versus many?

With that in mind, the stakeholders project along with Intergraph designed a series of tests to evaluate how SmartPlant Cloud would perform with high numbers of concurrent users versus the lower user numbers seen during the FEED stage, and to determine whether there would be a noticeable difference to the end-user experience during times of heavy traffic.

We believe that this is the first time SmartPlant technology has been rigorously tested in a true Cloud environment on an energy mega project. The results were extremely positive and we are happy to share them with you in our new report: “The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test: Putting Cloud technology to the test on a $10B global energy mega project”. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our Cloud Stress Test and the results.

Kevin Holmes, Senior Vice President

Kevin Holmes is Senior Vice President at Intergraph Process, Power & Marine and leads the global SmartPlant Cloud service. He believes that cloud technology can revolutionize the oil and gas industry and is committed to supporting engineering companies and owner operators as they strive to meet key performance objectives. 

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