White Paper Reveals Why Asset Integrity is Critical for Owner Operators in Today’s Environment

Owner operators are increasingly focused on Process Safety Management (PSM) and Asset Integrity Management (AIM) due to several factors including:

  • Increasing pressure from regulators to ensure owner operators conduct safe and environmentally responsible operations
  • New laws and regulations being passed in many jurisdictions
  • Insurance and finance companies are increasingly demanding the implementation of Process Safety and Asset Integrity programs before agreeing to finance projects and pay worker compensation claims
  • Owner Operators are prioritizing safe, sustainable production at the lowest cost. In doing so, owner operators are recognizing that investment in process safety and asset integrity can reduce costs including insurance premiums, medical expenses, production loss and unplanned outages. PSM/AIM can also give other benefits such as improved product quality, higher workforce morale and improved public reputation and associated goodwill
  • The productive life of facilities being increasingly extended beyond the original design life as an alternative to capital intensive construction of new facilities. Which raises questions as to how this can be achieved in a safe, sustainable manner

Over the years, many PSM and AIM standards have been created, all include a number of elements that need to be satisfied. The original standard OSHA 29CFR1910.119 (1990) has 14 elements, other subsequent standards have had different numbers of elements but there is a great deal of overlap between the various standards.

Asset management and integrity standards such as PAS 55 / ISO 55000 are aimed at prevention of structural failure by good design, construction and operating procedures to maintain “fit for service condition”.

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) - A platform to support PSM/AIM

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) manages the digital plant asset which includes essential process safety information: information about the hazardous chemicals used and their properties, the technology of the processes used and the equipment and technology involved in handling those substances. SPO gathers, validates and maintains this information.

SPO also provides a platform for a range of work processes and capabilities that support many of the elements in PSM/AIM standards including:

  • Management of Engineering Change with impact analysis and auditable traceability of all changes
  • Emergency Planning & Response through fast access to critical facility information
  • Enhanced training through 3D immersive training using 3D models or TruView laser scans
  • Equipment Inspection for mechanical integrity
  • Structured System Operating Manuals
  • Risk reducing measures
  • Non-conformity management for deviations and waivers
  • Actions and Issue Management for handling results of PSM audits
  • Pre-Start-Up Safety Reviews (PSSR)
  • Requirements management & traceability

In addition, SmartPlant Process Safety and Design Integrity support HAZOPs and rule-based verification of engineering and operational best practices and reduced construction risk.

Providing these processes on a common, integrated engineering design basis ensures access to consistent, complete and correct data which is critical when a PSM program is only as strong as its weakest link.

Would you like to know more? Access our whitepaper “Ensuring Process Safety & Asset Integrity on your Plant” here.

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