How to better manage Microsoft Office files

In the day-to-day life of both projects and operations one of the most frequent formats of documentation encountered are from Microsoft Office. Everyone sends and receives hundreds of e-mails on a weekly basis, some with valuable attachments. A high proportion of the many thousands of engineering documents for a facility are created and revised using MS Office tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We need to ensure that these documents can be effectively captured and managed. SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO/E) Core includes valuable capabilities to achieve exactly this.

Simply drag and drop!

Outlook e-mails (including any file attachments) or MS Office files are captured ;by dragging the file from Outlook or Windows Explorer onto the relevant documents type in the document tree in SPO/E Core desktop client. It could not be simpler! The drag and drop initiates the form for registration of the document in the system automatically, simply complete the information to register the document and the file is securely captured in the SPO/E file vault. For documents already existing in SPO/E Core, files can be simply dragged and dropped onto the document revision.

Check documents in and out of SPO/E Core directly from inside MS Office

We have created a Microsoft Office “Add-in” program for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that enable you to check-in or check-out files to SPO/E Core directly in Microsoft Office without needing any access to a SPO/E client. Once these Add-ins are activated, you simply go to the “Add-in” tab in the Microsoft Office application and select the “Save to” command. You complete a form  to register the document, and the file is automatically securely checked-in to the SPO/E Core file vault. If you want to check-out a document from SPO/E Core then simply go again to the “Add-in” tab an select the “Open From” command.  You may either drill-down the document tree to find the document you want to check-out and work on or enter search criteria to locate the document you want. Once you have finished editing the document simply check it back into the system using the add-in.

In brief

Microsoft Office e-mails and documents comprise a substantial part of the engineering design basis of any facility. SPO/E Core provides mechanisms to simply, effectively and securely capture and manage these documents.

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