Download the GetSmart! Webinar: enabling the data chain - piping fabrication and construction with SmartPlant Spoolgen

JH Kelly, a self-performing industrial contractor from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, knows the importance of supporting a data-centered work flow on projects. They receive piping data in the form of Isogen files and use SmartPlant® Spoolgen to crate the documentation and deliverables needed for their internal work processes.

In this webinar, attendees are able to hear from Jeremy Jones, a JH Kelly employee, who has extensive hands-on experience with data-centered work flows. Jeremy shared lessons learned about engineering and design teams and internal processes.

Download this webinar, originally presented on September 23, 2015, to learn more about how Piping Fabrication and Construction with SmartPlant Spoolgen achieves:
  • Outstanding productivity
  • Better Results
  • Consistent Results