The Future of Fabrication with Intergraph Smart Yard

SmartYardAs many of us know, revisions and new versions are the nature of engineering. Within any given project, vast amounts of documents are generated and need to be managed. Data integrity becomes crucial for both efficiency and safety of operations and maintenance.

Intergraph® Smart Yard provides engineering-oriented document management functions that enhance accessibility of information, management of change, and decision support. The solution brings together engineering, procurement, project planning, fabrication, construction, and completions within a single, collaborative knowledge management environment.

Intergraph Smart Yard is chosen by leading shipyards globally, including OceanMight and SapuraKencana. “By leveraging Smart Yard, we have the capability to develop new and more productive ways of working, minimizing risks and delivering projects in a timely fashion,” OceanMight states on the Smart Yard video. To learn more about the solution, please visit the Intergraph Smart Yard website.

Another chance to see real life project examples with Smart Yard is during the 17th annual International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) in Bremen Germany on 29th of September – 1st of October 2015.
During the event, Intergraph will be presenting on the topics:
    •    How Intergraph Smart Yard leverages the engineering design basis to improve work processes across the project life cycle (Jeff Bashir, Intergraph Singapore)
    •    How to integrate design and manufacturing efficiently with complete insight and traceability of all information required: Case study of the integration of Smart Production into Smart™ Yard Implementation for piping fabrication (Rachel Yee, Intergraph Singapore)

You can of course also contact us directly regarding any questions about Intergraph Smart Yard, or ICCAS 2015.