HxGN Live Hong Kong – an Owner Operator Update

Intergraph® PP&M approached Adrian Park, VP of SmartPlant® Enterprise solutions, to get a sneak peak into his presentation, and recommendations for the OO representatives attending HxGN LIVE Hong Kong.

INGR: You will be presenting on the topic of Addressing Owner Operator challenges with SmartPlantEnterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) – could you give us some the highlights of the presentation?
AP: Owner operators are facing unprecedented challenges with low commodity prices, increased competition and higher than ever demands from regulators to comply with stringent environmental and safety regulations. My presentation features how SPO manages the virtual plant asset and leverages it through out-of-the-box, preconfigured work processes to enable multiple benefits for the user, including:
•    Reducing CAPEX and OPEX
•    Shortening project schedules
•    Improving uptime
•    Reducing HSE risks
•    Demonstrating compliance to regulatory authorities

I will also discuss several real-life project examples featuring our latest case studies, illustrating how existing customers globally have taken advantage of the SPO capabilities.

INGR: Would you have any other tips for the HxGN LIVE Hong Kong visitors?
AP: There are two local Chinese customer presentations (English speaking) in the Owner Operator track that I would definitely recommend. The first is an implementation of SPO at Wanzhou Thermal Power Plant to support project handover and steady state operations. The second is by Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd (SNEC). SNEC is an engineering contractor that uses SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operator solutions to ensure the quality and consistency of engineering data, management of information and data, improve the workflow and meet Owner Operator requirements.

One of the other presentations to look out for is our Introduction for SmartPlant Fusion. We have two separate Fusion sessions, one focusing on business value and other on technical aspects of the software. In addition Samsung BP in Korea is presenting about their Fusion implementation. SmartPlant Fusion is an exciting, award winning new technology that enables the capture of unstructured documentation and drawings as well as extraction of intelligence using techniques, including optical character technology and hot-spotting. Samsung BP have completed a six-month implementation of Fusion to provide rapid, reliable access to facility documentation via multiple access routes including tag numbers.

INGR: What are you looking forward at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong?
AP: I'm looking forward to meet local owner operators to discuss the specific challenges they are facing, and how we can assist them with our solutions.

INGR: Any additional pointers you would like to mention regarding the conference?
AP: I would recommend that attendees spend time in the Zone to see our solutions demonstrated in real life. This includes latest innovations, such as integration with control of work solutions, our mobile solutions and the latest versions of SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators and SmartPlant Fusion.

We are looking forward to see Adrian’s presentation and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to look at the preliminary event tracks. Join Adrian, and many others, at this year’s HxGN LIVE Hong Kong– don’t miss out and register here!