How to use SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) to its full potential

Owner operators in the process industries manage massive facilities using a myriad of advanced business processes to get all the necessary work done. There are many advanced software solutions out there, providing plenty of features and functionality to potentially support for example business processes in the engineering information management area. However, features and functions just provide potential benefits and only when fully and correctly exploited will they provide real benefits to help improve owner operators’ work processes. So how to best match the needs and processes of an owner operator organization with the engineering information management software? How to stay focused so that the implementation meets its goals in a reasonable time frame?

Rather than beginning with a wide tool box of features and functionalities that can be used to create Owner Operator solutions with a potentially long and uncertain implementation duration, Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) provides preconfigured solutions. These out of the box, preconfigured solutions typically provide a 60-80 percent fit for most organizations and reduce the cost and efforts of implementation and accelerate and increase Return on Investment. They include work process descriptions, configuration and documentation that leverage industry best practices and lessons learned from many owner operator implementations Intergraph has executed over the years.

The delivery of these template work processes is at the heart of SPO. Intergraph developed a highly structured methodology to define these work processes, and categorize them at three levels of detail:

  • Level 1 describes an owner operator work process, independent of the tools used to execute the process. The focus is to define the roles and high-level steps involved.
  • Level 2 shows the work process and the way this is undertaken in SPO and other tools.
  • Level 3 shows a detailed work process as undertaken in SPO with links to annotated AVIs and screen shots to provide further details.


In brief

The SPO workflow diagrams provide both a model and basis for the consistent development of the work processes delivered in SPO, but they are available to customers as a published web-based help system. The published diagrams provide an intuitive guide to the user, showing the work process provided in SPO. Simple hyperlinks drill-down to increasing levels of detail and annotated videos represent how work process steps will be executed. This provides a simpler, more interactive form of user assistance than lengthy function/feature-based help documentation, and promotes rapid learning and consistent use of the solutions.

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