SmartPlant Construction impresses Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Intergraph's construction planning solution will be implemented at the leading Korean EPC.

Intergraph 2015 - SmartPlant Construction
Pictured: The Intergraph SmartPlant Construction team at the Huntsville, AL, USA, company headquarters.

Read the Case Study featuring Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC). HDEC is one of Korea’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction firms, with experience in project execution across a range of industries. This includes process plants (such as oil refineries, petrochemical, gas processing plants, and gas-to-liquids projects) and industrial plants (including iron and steel mills, and smelter facilities).


HDEC was using other Intergraph solutions to improve performance in areas of design, but wanted to enhance productivity during construction. In November 2014 the company commenced a pilot implementation of SmartPlant Construction, Intergraph's solution for construction planners. It offers dynamic work package planning, construction sequencing, and reporting to streamline and integrate engineering for improved efficiency on capital projects. 

With the SmartPlant Construction team provided training to HDEC to provide its engineering with training for both SmartPlant Construction and SmartPlant Foundation, Intergraph's solution for information management, with a plan for a full implementation in the near future.

Read the full case study here.