Case study: SmartPlant Fusion at Samsung BP Chemicals – download webinar

Fusion WebinarLast week I had the opportunity to share a real life example of what difference modernizing plant data management systems and processes can make in one of our GetSmart! webinars. In case you missed the “An engineering content restructuring project for Samsung BP Chemicals” webinar, below is a summary, and the on-demand version is available here.

Samsung BP Chemicals is a small plant in Ulsan, Korea, focusing on the production of three main products which are used in a variety of applications down the line. Samsung BP Chemicals had a number of business challenges they were seeking to solve:

  • The aging of their existing Technical Information System (TIS)
  • A Management of Change process isolated from the TIS
  • Technical documentation hosted in a huge library in hard copy only
  • Facing more stringent safety and environmental regulations resulting in the need for auditable documentation

Samsung BP Chemicals approached us to investigate SmartPlant Fusion, which seemed to be the perfect start to an enterprise environment as it:

  • Captures hard copies and native files with intelligence
  • Provides duplicate resolution and quality check
  • Improves decision support with an intuitive portal for navigation
  • Functions as a single point of access for all information
  • Supports management of change for critical drawings & docs
  • Improves safety and compliance


For the execution of this project, we followed a three step process:

  1. Execute SmartPlant Fusion capture and content extraction
  2. Localize and customize the SmartPlant Fusion portal
  3. Customize the management of change process

Let me also share some statistics of the project with you. We

  • Scanned 900 Technical Data Books
  • Extracted 44,000 tags at 95% for native P&IDs
  • Captured Extended Property for 640 Equipment, 495 Machine, 19,500 Instrument, 4635 Piping
  • Checked Tag Inconsistency for 450 P&IDs
  • Captured 25,000 Spec Data

Feedback from Samsung BP Chemicals indicated they were very impressed with SmartPlant Fusion, particularly the easy and efficient access to all asset data by tag-based search and cross-referencing with single data source. They believe that SmartPlant Fusion has given them a solid foundation for Integrated Asset Information Management with interfaces between legacy core systems

I explored this case study in more detail and provided a demo of the system during the webinar. Would you like to see more?

Download the on-demand version of the webinar here.