Puma Builds Fuel Import Terminal - from Insight Magazine issue 36

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Puma Energy Fuel Import Terminal
Image courtesy Puma Energy Australia.

Puma Energy (Puma), the fuels retailing arm of Swiss-based commodities trader Trafigura, is an ambitious business with an aggressive growth strategy. With headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore, Puma is expanding rapidly to meet the energy needs of fast-growing markets in Africa, Central and Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific. As well as building its downstream operations in each new market, Puma Energy is also committed to putting in place regional and local storage and transport facilities, with a view to making its products more affordable and accessible.

Puma entered the Australian market in 2011 to supply fuel to the country’s booming mining sector. The company identified the need to build its own fuel import terminal in Mackay, Queensland, to support its planned activities. A secondary goal of this greenfield investment was to strengthen competition and supply in Australia’s fuel market.

Puma established an in-house team in late 2011 to facilitate the EPC management of the terminal – despite the fact that it had traditionally outsourced the process. The project’s design manager, Michelle Guiney, had several years’ experience working with Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional at other engineering companies.

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