PIELDS Engineering uses Smart 3D to design FPSO for Petrobras

PIELDS Engineering Smart 3D modelWhen you consider the current tightening economic cycles, it's no surprise that owner operators must look to lower overheads wherever they can - this must be the number one priority for a business to remain competitive. A great example of this is the move towards global projects, where contractors and sub-contractors are engaged not on the basis of their geographical proximity to the project, but purely on the basis of their competitive offering and quality of work.

In our Asia-Pacific business, we work closely with a number of the leading engineering companies and shipbuilders in Northern Asia, who are routinely performing work for owner operators in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and Africa. One such company is PIELDS Engineering, a Korean EPC which has been performing important work for Brazilian oil and gas major, Petrobras since 2014.

Most recently, PIELDS used Smart 3D to execute all engineering design as well as the production of all deliverables required for the fabrication, installation and construction of a Petrobras FPSO’s gas compression modules. PIELDS had already used Smart 3D to perform engineering work for a different contractor involved in the Petrobras project, and the quality of work was so high that another contractor engaged PIELDS Engineering to perform further work.

The image to the right shows one of the Smart 3D models produced for the project.