Why is integration a critical topic for any engineering company?

Pant birdseye view

Intergraph-Integration-WEBINARA siloed engineering environment is often a reality for both EPCs and owner operators, bringing multiple challenges to an organization. Efficiency is hindered and employee productivity is wasted, when 3D design and analysis engineers have to constantly reinterpret and remodel the work of the other.

Many companies are still dependent on a manual paper-based handover between 3D design and analysis disciplines, which causes challenges such as:
-    Reduced productivity due to reoccurring rework;
-    Increased risk of error due to manual, error-prone workflows;
-    Extended project schedules and increased project cost due to wasted time and effort.

Luckily, there is an easy fix for these problems: an engineering software suite enabling bi-directional links between different disciplines, improving both work process efficiency and design accuracy. “These solutions, such as our Intergraph® CADWorx® & Analysis solution suite, can really streamline workflows and enable our customers to work more accurately in real-time, and without unnecessary remodeling”, Paul Martin, Technical Manager, Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Europe.

Are you curious to learn more about integration between 3D and analysis disciplines, and its benefits to your organization? Watch the new We Give You Integration! webinar, or join in for the Spanish webinar on 3rd of February 11:00 AM CET, or for the French webinar on 5th of February 11:00 AM CET.