Do 3D design solutions really deliver?

3d (2)You’ve probably heard that moving to a 3D design solution from 2D will deliver significant time and cost savings. However, some companies are still grappling with the question of whether those savings outweigh the expenses and workflow disruptions associated with upgrading.

We recently received confirmation from one of our long-standing customers in Korea that the upgrade is, indeed, worth it. Hyundai Engineering Corporation has been using our Intergraph Smart 3D  solution for several years and recorded quantifiable benefits in the recent delivery of a Venezuelan oil refinery project. Smart 3D reduced the cost and work hours involved in the production of the project’s engineering drawings by 51 percent, as compared to 2D manual methodology.

To put that in dollar terms, Smart 3D delivered a multimillion U.S. dollar saving for the company. Another benefit was the high quality of engineering deliverables provided by Smart 3D, which helped to avoid reworks and other delays, in turn reducing the overall project schedule. More information can be found in the full press release

We would love to hear about your thoughts on 2D v 3D – what benefits have you noticed? What was the biggest challenge you faced when making the switch?