Driving innovation in Southeast Asia’s oil and gas industry

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most active areas for offshore exploration of oil and gas, producing nearly two million barrels of petroleum and 500 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. It’s no surprise that our customers in the region – both owner-operators and EPCs alike – are keeping us busy.

The demand for Southeast Asia’s natural resources is expected to continue for some time, and those participants who invest in the latest systems and technologies now are well-placed to capitalize on this demand for decades to come. As projects become larger and more complex, often involving multiple participants, contractors, and sub-contractors, effective document management will become increasingly critical.

One company that recognizes this is the Mechanical and Construction division of PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC-M&C), a leading provider of diversified technical services to the oil and gas industry. PTSC-M&C recently implemented a new Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) based on our SmartPlant Enterprise Core solution, which is being used to monitor, control, track, and respond to document control needs. The feedback has been glowing and we anticipate PTSC-M&C will report strong productivity gains as a result of this implementation.

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