The big transition from document to data-centric work processes


Traditional paper systems and document-centric archive systems, while often still prevalent in the management of change process facilities, are highly inefficient and ineffective. It is difficult to track data inconsistencies in an end-to-end change management process, from the proposal stage through to the close-out review. Only when data and data interrelationships hold first priority can operational tasks be performed in an accurate, well-organized, and non-redundant manner.

Intergraph solutions for owner operators offer a much more effective way to create, modify, and access plant information to support operational tasks. Change impact analysis is provided to support concurrent engineering of multiple simultaneous changes. An integrated system ensures that virtual plant information is synchronized, consistent, accurate, up-to-date, and made accessible to all users. This helps to establish workflows facilitating project management, handover, and operations, resulting in customers benefitting from a data-centric environment.


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