Taking control over Management of Change

Changes to procedures, equipment, design, staffing, or approved work practices in operating process-manufacturing facilities are hazardous. Without a thorough and integrated evaluation of potential impacts of a change, there is a high potential of increased risk of incidents, such as equipment damage, environmental impacts, safety issues, production outages, or non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Multiple concurrent changes with overlapping scopes is a further complication that plant operators must consider. This is why a solid Management of Change (MOC) work process is so critical for the safe and sustainable operation of every process facility around the world.

Intergraph enables owner operators to rigorously manage their change of engineering information with full traceability and audit trail with a preconfigured MOC process package. It offers a single access point for all facility data, including information from third-party systems like maintenance management and data historians. With all relevant information from a ‘single source of truth,’ it empowers our customers to make faster and better decisions with lower risk while demonstrating compliance with regulatory authority requirements.

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