Use of SmartPlant Spoolgen to increase productivity

Featured in the 35th issue of Insight Magazine, IMR Hamburg is a German EPC focused on the construction of high-specification, high-pressure pipelines for power stations and industrial facilities across Europe and South Africa.

Shutterstock_35605741To deliver large-scale projects on schedule and on-budget, IMR Hamburg reevaluated its existing business processes and work methods to see where improvements could be made. The EPC previously operated an entirely paper-based work process on-site.

To produce as-built isometrics, design isometrics received from clients marked-up in the field were re-drafted in 2D CAD, with each sheet taking up to four hours to complete. To procure and manage materials, to track welds and progress, and for general management reporting purposes, various spreadsheets were also used.

The EPC’s clients use 3D plant design solutions like Intergraph PDS to model power stations, from which isometrics for construction (IFC) are automatically produced using ISOGEN. Having investigated the software available in the market, IMR Hamburg decided to implement Intergraph’s SmartPlant Spoolgen Plus.

 With integration of SmartPlant Spoolgen Plus, IMR Hamburg:

  • Eliminates time-consuming and expensive CAD drafting
  • Efficiently revises reporting
  • Complies with project engineering and quality assurance standards

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