One more valve was missing – the Golden one!

Lyudmil Stoev and his team at Keppel FELS Baltech comment on using Intergraph Smart 3D to award-winning results.

To design a MODU is a complex task. It requires that all are working concurrently throughout all engineering disciplines and constantly liaising with clients, vendors, and the yard. It requires the interpretation of all available knowledge and information and then turning that information into a Smart 3D model, including thousands of valves, each of them with a sole purpose in a global scheme.

Finally, the design is completed, the rig built, and all the valves work. However, there is still a feeling that one more valve was missing – the golden one! The valve that receives all the technical flow at its inlet, converting it to a beautiful realistic view at its outlet. A picture that reveals more and that inspires moods.

KFB1For the 2013 Golden Valve competition, Keppel FELS Baltech worked up an artistic view of a rig using Intergraph Smart 3D, and won second place in the Photorealism category. The original rig presented looked old and reliable, having sustained many years in a harsh environment. That picture inspired the slogan for Keppel FELS Baltech’s anniversary – “20 Years Endurance on High Seas.” While some use Photoshop to make people look younger, we used it purposely to make our rig look older, as the image to the left shows.

KFB2For the 2014 competition, however, we needed a brighter view for the next 20 years ahead. That nice and optimistic picture – once again using Intergraph solutions - won the Golden Valve Award for Judges’ Choice in the Offshore category at the HxGN LIVE conference in Las Vegas in June (see image right).
The lesson is learned – the right mix of age and beauty is always award winning - it’s a golden (valve) rule!