Using gaming technology to train the next generation - Adrian Park comments from ONS and In the Media

Last week I spent a few hectic days helping to staff the
Intergraph stand at the Offshore Northern Seas Intergraph Booth ONS(ONS) exhibition and conference in Stavanger, Norway, an exhibition that attracted an incredible 91 682 visitors over four days. Amongst many Intergraph products on display, featured at the stand was the Samahnzi 3D PACT training simulation tool, which made a significant impression on those that visited.

This tool allows subject matter experts to create realistic, immersive training scenarios without programming or scripting. Independent studies have shown that “serious gaming” technologies are far more effective than traditional training methodologies and release trainers to perform work that is more valuable whilst trainees work independently at their own pace. As well as using 3D models as a basis, 3D PACT uniquely can use TruView Laser scans to create photorealistic training scenarios. This means that facility owners of brownfield facilities who do not have an as-built 3D model available and could never afford to create a 3D model can for the first time benefit from immersive training technologies.

Training the Gaming GenerationMany owner operators already have laser scans of their facilities and the increasing speed and reduced pricing of laser scanning services is bringing this technology into the reach of all brownfield facility owners. These technologies appeal especially to the new generation of computer savvy plant workers that are required to replace the “baby boomer” generation that are approaching retirement. To learn more about the benefits of immersive training and Samahnzi 3D PACT I invite you to read my article that was recently published in LNG Industry and Hydrocarbon Engineering